Day Trip To Marken and Volendam

Well, it’s our last full day in the Netherlands before going home so we’re going to make the most of it. We’re traveling out of Amsterdam by bus to explore the quaint little fishing village of Marken, then taking a ferry across the water to the little town of Volendam, before returning to Centraal Station in Amsterdam.

Our route looks something like this:


So, here we go….


At the Wooden Shoe Factory:

Well, what can I say – another great opportunity to make a total fool of myself…


Strolling around the village of Marken:

Nice shoes… a tad big though…
Our lunch spot in Marken – Hhmmmmm… I sense a decorative theme in this place


Time to board the ferry for the trip to Volendam:

One last look at the harbour


Crossing the Gouwzee to Volendam:




Approaching Volendam:


Strolling around Volendam:


Sint-Vincentiuskerk (Saint Vincentius Church):


A final wander through the town:


Then to the bus stop to catch our chariot back to Amsterdam:

It’s been quite a day…



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